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Filters should be replaced every 6 months, or when you have used over 3,600 liters. The replacement filters will cost lower than 50 USD.

1THE Water Filter System UF Pro Set's main purpose is purifying water by filtering and removing residual chlorines, chemicals, small substances, etc., and enhancing the quality of drinking water. H2CAP is the best hydrogen enriching generator. Its main purpose is to produce high-concentrated/long-lasting hydrogen water up to 1,500. Please check out our H2CAP Plus Set Package.

1THE Water Filter is patented water filters. It is not compatible with other brands' filters and it's likely that there can be water leakage if it is used with other products. We recommend you use it with only 1THE Water Filters to have the best filtering experience and prevent any leakage.

Yes it does remove the chlorine.